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The Solution

     The “Shidduch Crisis” can only be solved by a massive shift in attitudes, a social revolution.  This can be accomplished – with great ease, in fact.  All it takes is courage and commitment by those who desire it.

     A tremendous number of people go along with the system because they feel there is no other way, or because they are scared to resist.  If these people committed themselves to breaking the cycle of insanity, everything would change.  For example, if enough people stopped tolerating thorough pre-date investigations, such things would become socially unacceptable.  If enough people opposed the social canonization of fabricated “minhagim”, these things would no longer be viewed as religious “standards” or indicators of one’s values and hashkafa.

     Social insanity itself can become socially unacceptable.  The system is built on a foundation of ignorance and arrogance, of fear and confusion.  This is not what we want, and it certainly is not what God wants.  So let’s do something real about it.