The End
The Madness

Refrain from using labels, any labels, in thought, speech, or writing, for an entire week. Do it no matter what.

If you really have guts, question others who use labels during this week. Urge them to clarify what they mean, to explain themselves clearly. Make them think about their words and their biases. Help them realize the power of a clear message and the ease with which we can improve communication.

At the end of the week, get back to us with your thoughts and experiences. Was it helpful and meaningful to discard the labels? Was it easier than you thought?

Hopefully people will see how easy it truly is to strike labels out of the general vocabulary, starting right now. The personal and, ultimately, national benefits as this is accomplished will be great.

* Terms such as "Ashkenaz" and "Sefard" are not labels, since these terms are based on ancestral geography, and thus are accurate definitions of a certain characteristic, not generalizations. Only terms that are intended to be descriptive but fail to provide a precise and universal description are problematic and should be discarded.

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